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AccuTerm GUI Development Class offered

A two day live training session providing a structured set of Six Lessons from the AccuTerm GUI Development Class Workbook developed by Performant Systems, included in the Class cost. This workbook is provided in a printed format and as a PDF file on the Accuterm GUI Class Workbook CD along with the Lesson examples code and useful GUI utilities a student may integrate into their own apps.

Students leave the AccuTerm GUI Class with all the skills needed to immediately starting building feature rich Windows style GUI screens that tightly integrate to their existing MultiValue database.

Note that at present, there is no cost for the AccuTerm GUI designer program or any runtime modules, only the AccuTerm 7 product is required to design or run GUI screens, an incredible bargain.

AccuTerm GUI Examples  Click for examples
Intended audience:

MultiValue database Programmers familiar with BASIC, working within an AccuTerm 7 session.

Topics to be covered
  • Checking for the AccuTerm signature

  • Building a new GUI App as a BASIC Read/Write screen.

  • How the GUI Code works and is generated

  • Optimizing the code generation template

  • How to know what Events to look for

  • Building the four styles of AccuTerm custom Menus

  • Using Windows style control like Radio Buttons, Lists, Combo Boxes, etc.

  • Code behind Buttons.

  • The dynamics of a Grid control and it's 17 Events.

  • Using Tabbed Sets.

  • Using standard Message Dialog Boxes

  • Uising GUI Subroutines for multiple screens

  • Dealing with a mixed GUI/green screen environment

  • Working with graphic images, local and remote.

  • Integration with Windows programs, browsers.


$600 per each student for the entire two day class.


Any Las Vegas area location is no extra charge. Outside of Clark County NV, travel costs will be passed through and a $300 per diem in charged for the travel days before and after the class. We welcome onsite locations most anywhere. No Internet connection is needed, just a Windows XP or Windows 7 box.


There is no preset schedule for the class. We have an AccuTerm GUI class whenever we mutually can agree on any two consecutive days, any day of the week. Saturdays and Sundays are fine. Classes are typically held at the client site. Students can opt to come to Las Vegas and have the class in their hotel room. Call Alan Gruskoff to discuss scheduling options at (310) 862-1947.